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The Peacock and The Tiger Dance. Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia

The land around Ponorogo -the pink one on the map- is harsh and fierce. Scratching a living from the soil here has always been a desperate business, and the people of the area have a reputation for being tough, both physically and mentally. The stories and myths of Java describe them as fierce fighters and skilled practitioners of magic, to be feared and respected. While most of the inhabitants of this arid land profess faith in Islam, echoes of much older beliefs still ring throughout the region.

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Heaven’s Diver. Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Memasuki Bulan Juni-Juli-Agustus sama dengan memulai liburan! yeay! Mau kemana ya? Sama siapa ya? Hmm… oke oke, kali ini kita coba jalan-jalan ke timur Indonesia deh, tepatnya di Pulau Papua, Raja Ampat! :-) Yap! Mungkin ini bisa jadi alternatif liburan bernuansa pantai yang tidak akan pernah terlupakan dan akan sangat berkesan.

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Learn Spanish Fast. Hmmmm…


How fast is it possible to learn a foreign language? You see products that claim to teach you to speak in months, weeks or even days. Yesterday, I tried to learn Spanish fast, but as with any other language it is a long and tiring process that take months and even years to become proficient. It is possible to learn some Spanish very fast, but you will find that will mostly be swear words and slang terms that won’t really get you anywhere when it comes to actual conversation.

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